Radio’s Other BIG Web Opportunity

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The pot of gold radio is chasing with its digital assets is forecast to hit $35.2 billion this year.  But that’s only the advertising piece of the local online marketplace. Borrell Associates data shows there’s a much larger opportunity beyond just selling banner ads and streaming audio and video.   The bigger digital prize, Borrell […]

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What Radio Stations Can Take From Townsquare Media’s IPO

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Townsquare Media has disclosed that it plans to go public. Although this revelation has little to no impact on your radio station, it does allow us to take a deeper look into the operations and revenue from such a “successful” radio group.   As I combed through the numbers, there was two interesting key points […]

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Our Mobile Apps Are Here… So What’s Next?

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It has been 9 months since we purchased a local radio mobile application developer and launched our Mersoft Media division. We have devoted countless hours to developing a unique application that has capabilities that no other radio mobile application in the market can do. (Call us to learn how this is so)   With our iPhone […]

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Why Radio Doesn’t Make Money on Digital

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It’s simple – advertising that’s not relevant!   Pandora has figured out the formula… less commercials, better ads. The days of straight AQH are quickly fading away. Advertisers now care more about 1 person that is willing and able to buy than 100 people who could care less about their advertisement.   It is no […]

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Sports Talk Radio Continues To Prosper

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RadioInk just completed its Sports Radio Conference out in San Diego, in which I was in attendance. Aside from being able to talk sports with these owners and GM’s, valuable insight was provided into understanding this format and ways to continue to grow sports talk radio nationwide.   Here are five key highlights that I […]

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